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Children's Offertory Envelopes

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It's never too soon to instill the importance of stewardship in our children. When children learn the value of being good and faithful stewards of God's gifts, they carry those values through to their daily living and make generous gifts of their time, talent and treasure. Encourage the children in your congregation to use our children's offertory envelopes and help them to make giving back to God a real part of their lives.

Stories of the Bible Boxed Sets
(minimum order of 24 sets)

Exciting Bible stories come alive in these full-color offertory envelopes. Each of the 52 weekly offering envelopes features a different story from the Good Book - complete with captivating illustrations - to spur children to focus on the Bible and its meaning in their lives. Kids, parents and teachers will delight in these familiar Bible stories printed on quality church envelopes.

Children's Bible Stories Offering Envelope Sets.

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  • Printed on currency-size (3 1/8" x 6 1/4") offertory envelopes.
  • Dating and numbering options are also available.

Children's Choice Boxed Sets

Baptist Church Envelopes offers five different church envelope designs for children of all ages. These attractive and inspiring offertory envelopes generate children's interest in the Scriptures. With these colorful and uplifting church envelopes, even the youngest members of your church will learn the value of giving back to God - and by giving their own offering envelopes, they'll feel more like part of the congregation and develop a regular tithing habit... and it's never too soon to encourage children to become good stewards.

  • Add your church name, city and state at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • Dating and numbering options are also available.
  • Offertory envelopes come in sets of 52 weekly currency size (3 1/8" x 6 1/4") and are each packaged in their own carton.
  • Special Collection Offering Envelopes may be inserted at an additional cost

(minimum order of 24 sets)

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Children's Choice Boxed Sets - I Thank God - #837
I Thank God - #837
Children's Choice Boxed Sets - Serve the Lord - #839
Serve the Lord - #839
Children's Choice Boxed Sets - My Gift to God - #835
My Gift to God - #835
Children's Choice Boxed Sets - I Gladly Give - #831
I Gladly Give - #831
Children's Choice Boxed Sets - Kids for Christ - #833
Kids for Christ - #833
Children's Choice Boxed Sets - My Gift to God (Spanish) - #1002
My Gift to God (Spanish) - #1002
Children's Choice Boxed Sets - Teens for Christ - #904
Teens for Christ - #904